Services to companies

Our ambition is to become a partner that supports you in your endeavour to implement optimized solutions related to general services, buildings and their technical parts. To manage them more efficiently, with flexibility, depending on needs in order to convert fixed costs into variable costs.
These solutions are realized mostly by partial or total outsourcing of non-core business and non-value added activities allowing extensive coverage, better services, realizing savings and more important mobilizing and focusing your folks on your core business.

Outsourcing your general services

  • You plan an operational support
  • Looking better internal organization of your general services
  • Increase profitability
  • You begin thinking about the welfare of your employees at work, commitment, efficiency, engagement and fidelity

The solutions

  • Dedicated regular interlocutor
  • Direct management of resources and technicians
  • Synergies by area of expertise
  • Ensure continuity of service
  • Operational and economic reactivity
  • Service level agreement and metrics


  • Identification of processes
  • Economic Validation
  • Implementation plan
  • Internal / External Communication

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